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We are searching for a humble Geriatric Physician to restore our elderly patients to prime functioning. The Geriatric Physician should elucidate wellbeing-related issues and then propose viable, resource-effective treatment plans. The Geriatric Physician should also fit assistive implements to promote autonomy.

To ensure success as a Geriatric Physician, you should be able to execute fully-informed treatment plans with gumption. Ultimately, an excellent Geriatric Physician will thrive on the realization of wellness goals.

Geriatric Physician Responsibilities:

  • Providing robust, well-informed preventative treatment.
  • Diagnosing innocuous and harmful physiological anomalies.
  • Proposing resource-specific treatment regimens.
  • Pinpointing assistive gadgets that alleviate pressing health-related symptoms.
  • Fitting or instructing on the positioning of assistive technologies.
  • Gauging the applicability of prescribed treatments.
  • Reconfiguring ineffective regimens with urgency.
  • Issuing pertinent referral documents when needed.
  • Billing patients and updating their charts.

Geriatric Physician Requirements:

  • Formally recognized qualification in Geriatric Medicine.
  • Board-certified with demonstrable experience as a Geriatric Physician.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Motivated by the actualization of wellness-related objectives.
  • Committed to engendering autonomous living.
  • Perceptive, decisive, and emotionally mature.
  • Unfaltering adherence to pertinent medical codes.
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