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We are looking for a qualified Hepatologist to manage disorders in the liver, biliary tree, the gallbladder, and pancreas. The responsibilities of a Hepatologist include consulting on liver problems, conducting follow-up care of liver transplant patients, and performing various surgical procedures.

To be successful as a Hepatologist, you should exhibit compassion for patients, provide exceptional patient care, and be a patient person. Finally, a top-notch Hepatologist has vast knowledge of Hepatology and the gastrointestinal system, strong teamwork skills, and solid verbal and written communication skills.

Hepatologist Responsibilities:

  • Conducting consultations with patients.
  • Maintaining patients’ medical records.
  • Examining patients and providing recommendations.
  • Conducting liver transplants.
  • Monitoring patients’ recovery process.
  • Providing supportive therapy.

Hepatologist Requirements:

  • Doctoral degree.
  • Specialized training in Gastroenterology or Hepatology.
  • Must be a licensed practitioner.
  • Compassionate in nature.
  • Deliver excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Strong knowledge of procedures.
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